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20 Ways Your Chiropractic Practice Can Improve Using Professional Marketing

Chiropractic Practice Marketing is changing every day. It’s time to take advantage of the increased use of data, learn customer behavior and translate it into sales. Here are 20 ways to effectively use the data from your social media, email marketing, and website to generate more appointments, leads, and online sales for your chiropractic practice.



How To Get More Chiropractic Patients Without Being A Marketing “Expert”


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1. Analyze the data of your website

Data-driven marketing is the wave all chiropractors need to be on. Analyzing data means letting the stats of your site traffic lead you to make better marketing decisions. Use Google Analytics to understand the demographics and audience of your website. There are hundreds of metrics used on the application that can tell you what content is most popular, the location of users on your site, what time you should post, and more.



Data from website
Make sure to collect and analyze the data to improve performance and make better decisions




2. Create a strategy. Don’t go random.

Shooting in the dark might hit something sometimes but it is not a secure way of working. Make sure there is logic, thoughts, and preparation before launching campaigns or spending your budget on customers that are not likely to buy. This means a full marketing funnel, email marketing strategy, targeting and retargeting strategy, content strategy, and upsale options ready.
We get it, you are not a marketer. That’s why you should focus on being a chiropractor but make sure you have a professional behind your strategy. Just like I won’t let a random person adjust my spine, you should not assign an assistant or unprofessional person to do your marketing (and demand results).

3. Always have marketing campaigns on

Facebook has 2.59 billion active users a month, and 92 percent of social marketers use them for advertising. One billion active users spread across 154 countries make TikTok one of the most popular social media platforms as of 2022. Google is the most efficient platform for “near me” searches which might be your target audience looking for your chiropractic practice.
The point is:
A. Be where the target audience is
B. Take advantage of the data collected by the mega-corporations to target new potential customers who never had interaction with your channels and you had no idea how to reach them.
Return customers mean steady income. New customers mean increasing that steady income (consistently).


marketing Campaign
If you don’t offer your service, nobody will have a chance to accept. Always makes sure there is a campaign running.


4. Optimize Social Media accounts to make it easier for people to find you

By definition, optimization means making whatever you’re doing the most efficient and effective. How do you achieve this with social media? Keep things organized, add new reels, updates, and images, and be clear about what your business is in order to be successful. All your pages should reflect the same brand and the same message. Also, be sure to make all captions the same if possible to create clarity and consistency.


5. Define (online) what type of chiropractor are you

Define from your first post what type of chiropractor you are. Be clear on your values and how you treat patients. Do you have more of mixed chiropractic, older way of thought? or are you more of objective chiropractic, modern thinker? How do you handle vertebral subluxations? These are all questions that you must answer according to the audience you want to reach.

6. Show your spinal manipulation techniques and adjustments  

Clients want to see what you do. Especially if they are not educated enough about the value and benefits of chiropractic practice, they need to see it’s safe and it is done by a professional. It’s a way of building trust from the first interaction. People are becoming increasingly visual, and they respond more to businesses that post videos. Providing media displaying anything from exercises to training videos will do you justice.

7. Be active and build communities by updating and uploading on a daily basis

Your marketing strategy needs to be organized and scheduled. Your career is hectic enough already, so make your profile presence easy. Make sure your social media team uses all profiles simultaneously. Make sure your website is updated with the latest events or holidays. Make sure your emails are talking about current events. This way, users know you are a part of them and that you take care of your community by updating them and providing relevant information. Your chiropractic practice is not just an office behind the main suite. It is alive and as advanced as the customers who look for you.

8. Visible CTA (call to Action): Have a tab on your Facebook/Instagram/TikTok AND website for direct booking 

Providing your phone number on the home page is not enough (and not all recommended since it cannot be tracked). Include a tab on your Facebook page, in your Instagram/TikTok profile, and especially on the part of your website home page where current patients and future clients can book you.
TIP: on mobile, make sure the button is in the first look (without the need to scroll). The easier you make it for them to click, the higher your chances of them contacting you.
Instead of having them call you, give your availability with dates and times so there is no confusion. Display what is already scheduled, so that you can be as efficient and professional as possible.

9. Stop boosting some posts “just to see”

There is marketing and there is professional marketing. Boosting some posts or spending $100-200 (for example) and hoping to get some results – is wrong.
The same as you ask a patient to return for 4-5 sessions for their specific problem to be taken care of, the marketing needs to have its steps and process in order to bring ROI.
This includes collecting data, testing, targeting, retargeting, etc. Any other way is money lost.

10. Use Email marketing to increase your income!

Email marketing is an easy way to stay in touch with your customers and potential clients. Because email marketing is not public, you can send specific messages that are focused on keeping them engaged and tuned into your chiropractic practice. However, it all begins with a subscriber list and increasing it consistently. Have a tab or section on your page for people to sign up to receive updates, offers, newsletters, and more. From there, then you can segment your audience and target your messages to link to products based on tracking what they click on in the emails.



Email Marketing
Create emails on a daily basis with offers, resources, and updates. Segment and keep in touch with your customers




11. Create email automation

Besides the option to communicate with your audience on regular basis, it is important to have sequences of emails that will be triggered automatically to your audience based on their online behavior. This can be as simple as promotional emails (birthday sends a discount code as a gift) but can also be a part of a more complex funnel that upsale to recent customers (anyone who had an appointment in the last 3 days will get an upgrade offer such as extra service which they didn’t know about or didn’t opt in yet).
Emails are cash sources if having the right strategy and if written and translated in the right way.


12. Promote your business higher on Google through targeted content writing

The best way to get your business higher on Google ranks is through the use of keywords. Be strategic with the posts that you share on your website and profiles. This process is known as SEO (search engine optimization). Google Analytics is a tool that tracks website traffic and will help give you insights into what posts, phrases, images and more attracts people. Getting your business higher will completely benefit your chiropractic practice in the long run.
Think about it this way: 2-3 years from now (and even more than that) people will still find your written blog posts on Google and reach your website, get exposed to your services, and might become customers from a simple blog post.

13. Go “Live” sometimes

In addition to posting previously recorded videos, use live streams on your social media pages. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have this feature. During your appointments, you can have followers watch you perform chiropractic practices in real time! Live streams can also be shared, which can help you attract new patients

Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are places to go for live streams for doctors. You can announce when you will stream, and continue to promote until it’s time to go live (don’t speak about conspiracy or sensitive topics because you WILL get flagged and banned). Let patients ask you questions live about the chiropractic field, and you answer in real-time. This will establish you as an expert, and also boost your engagement and interaction (and fill your calendar).

Chiropractic Practice Q&A
Example of a Facebook Live Q&A session for the fans and followers to ask professional questions


14. Build your YouTube channel

Youtube is another tool that can boost your brand. While it is strictly videos, it gives users a one-stop shop for all of your visuals. There are several ways to build revenue off of Youtube, but first, you have to focus on building up your subscribers. Start by creating professional videos (high quality, planned/scripted, and professionally edited) posting all your training videos, practice exercises, and more right. The key is to be consistent, and have quality videos.



How To Get More Chiropractic Patients Without Being A Marketing “Expert”


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15. Recommend chiropractic tips on easing pain and lifestyle

Remember that social media is used to support the main campaign and goals. The best way to do that is by building trust and connection with the community/followers.
Use your social media platform to share tips with patients about THEM. Topics such as arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, etc have huge communities and people are desperate for solutions.
Short and quick posts daily with specific details about remembering to improve their food habits, exercising, and more will help keep your followers checking constantly for the next tip to get them through the day

16. Share resources for patients to live a healthier lifestyle

People are checking your page to learn about your chiropractic practice and also (mostly)  to live healthier. What new exercises can they do in their home to keep them in shape? In addition to helping them with their joints, back pain, etc., share new books, ideas, and other resources to help them be better emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Be more than just a chiropractor to them.


17. Learn your customer’s behavior and deliver exceptional experience both online and offline

Successful practice means knowing your customers as well as you know your product or service. Make sure the positive experience of working with you starts the moment
they search for your services or interact with your channels online. The website experience, the social media content, and the relevant emails, all must be based on the customers’ wants and needs.
The way to know their needs is by analyzing the data from your channels.

18. Create and show testimonials from REAL patients

One way to get these (even if you are uncomfortable asking) is by offering an incentive. Anyone who is about to pay/leave the practice will get the “hey, if you do this 15 seconds video of telling how was your session, I’ll cut 10% off your bill” (or I’ll give you 15% off your next session or I’ll give you my 5-page guild of the recommended food and nutrition – for free).
You’ll be surprised how many will say “yes” to that and you will build a library of testimonials which will be extremely beneficial in getting customers that are on the fence.

19. Post pictures of you with patients

It might seem small, but posting pictures, videos, and testimonials can do a lot for your business. When people see that you have real relationships with the people you serve, it makes them more intrigued. They won’t be able to resist that genuine spirit of yours!

20. Don’t get stuck on somebody who doesn’t bring results

You have to have patience. A marketer is not a magician. Just like a chiropractor, it is a process. Give it time and think long-term if you want to see real results.
If you just think of creating an ad for the holidays 2 weeks before Christmas and all of a sudden you’ll have hundreds of people outside your door, you are wrong.
It takes time to create a strategy, test it, collect data, analyze it, optimize the campaigns, etc. Make sure your marketing professional has clear goals to work with so we can measure the progress and know if we are on the right way to achieve the goals and get the results you want.

If professional marketing is too expensive for you, you can always go unprofessional 🙂
But remember: Anybody with hands can “crack” someone’s back. But not everybody can adjust it professionally.

Chiropractic marketing can transform the way you do business. Use these tips, and watch your chiropractic practice generate consistent sales!

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