Email Marketing In 2024 Is a Must For Generating Revenue

Email Marketing

If you’re an ecommerce brand or simply trying to sell something online, you probably know already that email marketing and especially those automated emails that approach the customers when triggered are a must in order to increase sales.   More Ecommerce and Data-Driven Marketing-Related Content from HVMA: ► Successful Leadership – Data-Driven Decision-Making ► How […]

How to Generate Revenue From User Data in 2024

Generate revenue from data

Data isn’t worth much by itself. To generate revenue from user data or transform information into cash, you need to put it in context, understand what it means, and then flip it into useful, pertinent information! With the onset of digitization of most modern marketing efforts, an entirely new world within the reams and bytes […]

Successful Leadership – Data-Driven Decision-Making

Successful Leadership

Successful Leadership Means Knowing Your Customers As Well As You Know Your Product. Data-Driven Decision-Making And Information Analytics Have Forged A Path For Insightful, Modern Operational Strategies—So Why Are Businesses Still Struggling, And How Can You Avoid These Pitfalls?     More Ecommerce and Data-Driven Marketing-Related Content from HVMA: ► The Complete 2023 Business Development […]